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Description: The Mexican Family Life Survey (MxFLS) is a longitudinal study that collects a wide range of information on socioeconomic indicators, demographics and health indicators on the Mexican population. The survey is representative of national, urban-rural, and regional levels. In addition to the household interview data, the MxFLS conducted a Community-Facility Survey to assess infrastructure quality and availability of services for health and school facilities. The community data can be linked to the household and/or individual-level data. The MxFLS is part of a series of Family Life Surveys, which also includes studies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Guatemala, and Bangladesh.

Coverage: Mexico.


  • Demographic and background characteristics
  • Consumption, savings decisions, family owned assets and wealth
  • Resource transfers with non-resident kin
  • Employment history
  • Time allocation
  • Preferred time allocation
  • Emotional well-being
  • Health status (chronic illness, physical functioning, self-assessed health)
  • Anthropometric and biological measures
  • Health behaviors
  • Use of health services and medications
  • Crime and victimization

Age Range of Sample: All ages

Sample Size:
2002: 8,440 households; ~35,000 individuals
2005/2006: ~40,000 individuals

Years of data collection: 2002; 2005-2006

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