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Description: The Matlab Health and Socioeconomic Survey (MHSS) was carried out in 1996 to examine health status, health care utilization, social network characteristics, and the impact of community services and infrastructure with respect to adults and elderly persons residing in the Matlab region of rural Bangladesh. The study addresses three broad concerns relating to adult and elderly health status and health care utilization:
– The linkages between adult/elderly well-being
– Social and kin network characteristics and resource flows
– Impact of community services and infrastructure on adult/elderly health and other human capital acquisition

Coverage: .


  • Employment history
  • Family structure and background
  • Marital history
  • Health
  • Smoking habits
  • Chronic and acute morbidity
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Medications
  • Health services (outpatient and inpatient)
  • Household economy
  • Individual assets and non-labor income
  • Support transfers
  • Social network
  • Migration history

Age Range of Sample: All ages

Sample Size:
Main Household Data sample – 4,364 households
Determinants of Natural Fertility sample – 2,441 women in 1,789 HHs
Outmigrant sample – 552 individuals

Years of data collection: 1996

Data Availability: Publicly available; registration required to download data

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