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Frankenberg EChan A, and Ofstedal M. 2002. “Stability and Change in Living Arrangements: Evidence from Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan.” Population Studies-A Journal of Demography 56 (2): 201-213.

We use longitudinal data from Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan to examine stability and change in the co-residence of older adults and their children. Longitudinal data support the analysis of transitions in living arrangements. We focus on how life-cycle characteristics of older adults and their children are related to co-residence at a point in time, to maintaining co-residence over time,and to transitions into and out ofco-residence.We find that many ofthe characteristics found to be associated with co-residence at baseline interviews exhibit an even stronger association with continued co-residence over time.While some of the results support the interpretation that co-residence provides support for parents as they age, the needs ofchildren also play an important role in the decision to co-reside.