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Chan A, and Jatrana S. 2007. “Gender differences in health among older Singaporeans.” International Sociology 22(4).

This article examines gender differences in health status among older adults in Singapore using three measures of health status: self-reported health, the presence of chronic illness and functional disability Most previous studies focus exclusively on women below retirement age, and are typically based on western data. Women report a higher prevalence of chronic conditions and disabilities compared to men, and assess their health more negatively than men. Less is known about gender differentials In health status among older adults in Asia. Results from multivariate logistic regressions show a significant reduction in gender differences in subjective health status when demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, health risk behaviours and social support variables are controlled for in the models. Gender differences remain, however, in the probability of reporting a chronic illness and functional disability. The policy implications of these findings are discussed, including the negative effects of marriage on older women’s health.