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Jatrana S, and Chan A. 2007. “Do socioeconomic effects on health diminish with age? A Singapore case study.” Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology 22(3).

This paper examines the effects of socioeconomic characteristics on older adult
health and investigates whether these socioeconomic effects carry through from the youngold
to the oldest-old ages among Singaporean adults. Previous research shows little
consensus over whether the impact of socioeconomic factors on health diminish with age.
The variation in these results may be due to different definitions of socio-economic status,
or the use of different health indicators. We use a comprehensive set of socioeconomic
indicators (income, education level, homeownership, asset possession, and perceived
income adequacy) to predict three health outcomes; poor self-assessed health, the presence
of chronic illness, and functional disability. We find that while socioeconomic differentials
in health status exist, the associations are not as consistent, nor as strong, as those reported
for Western settings. Health inequalities related with socioeconomic status decline slightly
but do not disappear with old age in Singapore.