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Research Scientist Emeritus, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan
Albert Hermalin

Research Interests

Dr. Hermalin’s aging research has focused on the social and demographic status of the elderly, primarily in South and Southeast Asia. Projects have employed a broad range of data, including censuses, other official statistics, and national surveys of the elderly – both cross-sectional and longitudinal. Dr. Hermalin was the founding director of the Michigan demography of aging center and has been an active member of a MiCDA network to promote comparative international survey research on the elderly.

Regions and Countries Studied

Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

Related Publications

Hermalin A, Ofstedal M, and Tesfai R. 2007. "Future Characteristics of the Elderly in Developing Countries and Their Implications for Policy." Asian Population Studies 3(1): 5-36.

Ofstedal M, Zimmer Z, Hermalin A, Chan A, Chuang Y, Natividad J, and Tang Z. 2007. "Short-term Trends in Functional Limitation and Disability Among Older Asians: A Comparison of Five Asian Settings." Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology 22 (3): 243-261.

Hermalin A. 2002. The Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia: A Four-Country Comparative Study. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.